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Indiana Barn Quilts is an artistic adventure adding colorful quilt blocks to barns, garages, and homes (inside and out) across the great State of Indiana. We are based in beautiful Putnam County, Indiana under the crafty care of designers Shelby Lynn Frye and Linda Bright. Every barn quilt is custom designed and crafted by hand to each customers individual desire. Regardless of your taste or decor we can create a custom colorful piece of art to brighten up any building or space. We guarantee that your Indiana Barn Quilt will provide you with a beautiful, custom, and unique conversation starter with friends, family, and strangers alike.

Barn Quilt Designs

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Barn Quilts - Indiana - Examples and Designs


Our barn quilts are fashioned on long lasting wood and painted with the highest quality exterior paints to ensure long lasting beauty and longevity in any condition.

Every barn quilt we create can be customized to your individual request. The designs shown are a small sample of the endless possible design options. We can work with you to create a perfect design to display in your home, property, or business.

2x2 Barn Quilts (as shown): Only $50.00
Larger quilts such as 4x4 and 8x8 are also available.
Delivery and Nationwide Shipping Available.

Barn Quilt on mantle fireplace

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Indiana Barn Quilts
Greencastle, Indiana
Phone: 765-653-3033
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